You Don’t Have to Be BROKE! Wake Up, Shake It Up, and Make a Change! Turn your great ideas into a successful business! “You Don’t Have to Be Broke” provides the answers to your financial questions. Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Are you missing pieces to your financial puzzle?
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You Don’t Have to Be Broke

You Don’t Have To Be Broke: So Wake Up, Shake It Up, And Make A Change! Aren’t you tired of living paycheck to paycheck? Tired of working for someone else? […]

Things Fall Apart

After a childhood that can be described as nothing less than completely blessed, Hilary Neiman pursued a well-rounded and advanced education with one dream in mind: to one day build […]

Every Woman Should Know Her Options

Every Woman Should Know Her Options Growing up with a twice-divorced mother who could not financially support herself and her children, Laurie Itkin vowed to do whatever it would take to become […]

Work From Home

Business Opportunities If you loose your job tomorrow, what’s your Plan B?  Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump say having a home-based business, where you can work from home, is the […]


Life has been unfair to Lauren, grandaughter of a slave. She was raped by her father, master of a Plantation; fell in love with a white man during the 1920s; […]

The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip For Soup

The Adventures of Bob: To Doodledip For Soup What do you get when a man is invited to a strange purple and green planet by a tiny speed-freak robot, a […]

Become Contagious

Become Contagious Become Contagious: Unleash the Power of Positive Energy!, written by Shawn Burr, is a powerful collection of ideas that allows you to use your mind to harness the power […]

Make Money With YouTube

Make Money With YouTube Need a realistic way to make money online? Looking to turn a ‘YouTube Passion’ into ‘YouTube Profits’? Want a step-by-step blueprint that’s based on a real case […]

Go For It

Go For It GO FOR IT, written by Matthew C Martino, will guide you through some tough decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur and take you on a […]

My Life Interpreted

My Life Interpreted If you’ve ever pondered how you’ve ended up where you are in life, why things happen the way they do and what your life’s purpose is, then […]

Learn To Tie A Tie With The Rabbit And The Fox: Story With Instructional Song

“Today, there are books, websites, and even videos devoted to teaching the art of masterfully knotting a necktie. Some contain instructions so easy; learning truly becomes child’s play. Until now, […]